Wool Yarns and Blends

Applications: Manufactured tufted carpets, braided rugs
or woven carpets

At Lemieux Spinning, wool work is the result of fine fingering from masters’ hands. As we have been serving the textile industry for over a century, the expertise in this field has been passed on from generation to generation. Our ancestors’ know-how allows us to offer high quality standard products.

With the support of research and development and our colorimetry lab, we can create unique blends for the finest designs of first quality carpets. From our realizations, our clients manufacture carpets for commercial and residential sectors, where beauty, luxury and richness are prominent.

Our products are also in demand in the aviation sector, more precisely in the private and executive types of aircrafts, where the use of our wool yarns sets up a decoration that people long for.

In addition to the great qualities of wool, various natural and synthetic fibers can be blended to offer other attributes, thus increasing the value of our carpet yarns.

You deserve the best in wool carpet yarn
...and that’s what we offer you

Proud to be working with The Campaign for Wool

The Campaign for Wool

  • High quality 100% New Zealand wool carpet yarns
  • Mothproof if required
  • Offered in a wide range of counts and plies: 1/110, 1/120, 2/50, 2/65, 2/80, 3/22, 3/36, 3/42, 3/55 and many more
  • Also available in hardtwist or cabled 2 or 5 lbs skein

Dyeing services

Skein dyeing for all custom colors

Ranging from

5-50 lbs, 51-150 lbs, 151-300 lbs, 301-750 lbs
Stock dyeing for larger lots

Ranging from

1000 lbs to 5000 lbs per color

Many other wool blends and synthetic yarns for any type of braided rugs, woven carpets and tufted carpets

Eco-Natural Collection

The Eco-Natural Collection presents a range of quality yarns produced in natural wool. Using wool from a selection of British breeds and other wool types and blends, the yarns offer superior eco advantages to the carpet manufacturer. British sheep graze freely in the beautiful rolling fields and fells of the UK. The wool is shorn annually and is fully sustainable and biodegradable without harm to the environment. There are over 60 pure British breeds, this offers choice in both shade and texture and also lends a natural heritage to the finished product bringing significant marketing advantage.