Lemieux Spinning

World renown manufacturer of specialized and custom yarns

Lemieux Spinning Inc. manufactures yarns made from natural and synthetic fibers. They serve the following industries: sanitary products, carpet, weaving, and knitting, both for hand-made or specialized knitting.

Lemieux Spinning Inc. makes yarns for cleaning supplies of institutional or commercial use, such as wet and dust mops. They also build yarns for top of range tufted, braided and woven carpets, for particular uses such as for aircrafts, or for any luxurious projects. Their array of products also includes top quality yarns used for the filtration industry, and high performance yarns used as protective knits.

Lemieux Spinning Inc. has been in the textile industry since 1906. The company opted out for marketing high added value products. They rely on the latest technologies and the qualification of their personnel to offer top quality custom products and services worldwide.

a success factor!

Our product's quality shows who we are. For over four generations, Lemieux Spinning Inc. has been driven by the industry's needs. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we develop products that meet the requirements of both the domestic and international markets.