Quality through listening!

Our customers' needs are the basis of our manufacturing standards. Thus, thanks to careful listening, Lemieux Spinning is able to offer its customers a product that meets their expectations. Being a manufacturing and management company, the company offers its customers an integrated worldwide transport service. Actually, we are not merely a textile manufacturer, but rather a business partner, willing to offer its support in developing your manufacturing strategies. Your company's health shows our success.

World-class products

With close to one hundred years of experience in the textile industry, Lemieux Spinning has developed foreign market expertise. Actually, the team composed of product development experts has been able to redefine the production methods used, to increase our efficiency and performance, while observing industry standards. No matter where your market may be, Lemieux Spinning has the expertise needed to meet your quality standards.

A recognized reputation on the international market

At Lemieux Spinning, we recognize that a product's makeup determines its strength. So, through the years, the family company has developed a unique transformation process that ensures the value of its product. We are determined to offer our customers a constant-quality product, which meets the customer's requirements and specifications.