A century of know-how

At the core of the textile industry for over a century, Lemieux Spinning Inc. continuously innovates to offer high-quality products to customers. Preceded by three generations of textile manufacturers, Lemieux Spinning’s current management team has inherited the know-how and the expertise that make them leader in their field.



Lemieux Spinning is committed to offer its customers with products of higher value than those of competitors. This commitment is achieved because of careful manufacturing, high quality products and a personalized customer service. Thanks to continuous innovation and constant cooperation with the client, they can create unique custom products to fit the clientele’s specific needs.


The managers at Lemieux Spinning want to insure the company’s continuity for generations to come. While offering good and stable jobs, Lemieux Spinning uses new leading-edge production technologies that are efficient and effective to stay ahead of the competition. With these improvements, Lemieux Spinning remains a leader recognized for the constant quality of its products and services. Lemieux Spinning therefore aims to satisfy its clientele and to increase its domestic and international market share for generations to come.

A development strategy based on customized service and a distinctive product arising out of four generations of manufacturers

Concerned with satisfying its customers, Lemieux Spinning offers a customized product, reflecting industry requirements. Thanks to unlimited choices of colors, versatile production and diversification within its product lines, the family company can meet the textile industry's various requirements, quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to a qualified and competent team, Lemieux Spinning meets the various needs of its customers. Using a unique technology on the market, Lemieux Spinning's research and development team continuously innovates and develops new production processes, to offer an increasingly competitive product on the market.