The company’s history

In 1906 Joseph-Albert Lemieux founded a wool carding enterprise. At the time, the activities consisted in recycling knitted fabric, felting fabric and carding wool mainly for the local market. In 1945, Clément Lemieux took over the company from his dad and it became incorporated under the name of Filature Lemieux. During his mandate, he introduced mechanical carding and spinning equipments, and then in 1964 synthetic fibers were transformed.

From 1967 to 1986, the company has been managed by three of Clément Lemieux’s sons, with Roland Lemieux as President. During this period, a dying department was introduced and other various expansions contributed to the growth of Lemieux Spinning. In 1986, Jean-Paul Lemieux and his two sons bought the company. From then on, this new team chose to develop top-of-the-line products intended for international markets. Under Jean-Paul Lemieux’s leadership, investments of many millions brought about important technological changes, which in turn contributed to improve Lemieux Spinning’s profitability and growth. At the end of his career, Jean-Paul Lemieux celebrated Lemieux Spinning’s centenary with members of his family and employees, after fifty years spent with the company.

In 2007, Jean-Paul Lemieux hands over the company’s management to his two sons. Serge Lemieux becomes President and Marc Lemieux becomes general manager. Side by side, the two brothers take over the torch of the family business, one which has acquired a top position in the textile industry.

As a well-established manufacturer, Lemieux Spinning offers to customers a product that has been defined over the years, by a lasting tradition. Thanks to its personalized clientele service, its well-established experience, its high-quality products and its future-oriented vision, Lemieux Spinning is now a worldwide leading textile manufacturer.

Serge et Marc
Marc Lemieux and Serge Lemieux
Joseph, Clément, Rolland, Jean-Paul
Joseph-Albert Lemieux, Clément Lemieux,
Roland Lemieux and Jean-Paul Lemieux